St pats karate academy was set founded on Friday 9th February 2007, in the old St Patrick's church parish hall next to St Patrick's Primary school in bishop street,  Grangetown and that is where the name of the club comes from.

we are a shotokan karate style group that offer the activity of karate to all levels and ages with classes for basic training at club and grass roats level as well as competions and also run classes for families to train together as well as under 8yrs under 16yrs as well as senior only classes disability classes and elite squad classes we can offer so many types of classes because we run a full time DOJO (training center) that cateres for all ages genders and abilities if you are looking for a great fun club with a frendly family feeling this is the club for you and is the premier karate training center in capital city of cardiff

The club was set up on the 9th of February 2007 and on June 12th 2014 went independent and formed st pats karate academy. The academy works in 4 different sections:

  • DKW (Disability Karate Wales) – This operates in disability units in the South Wales area
  • Fun Karate  – This operates in after school clubs
  • Little Samurai Karate – This is for children under the age of 8 years
  • St Pats Karate Club – This is for main stream karate operating in evening classes through out Cardiff

we are currently an independent karate club but compete in competitons under the rules and guidlines of the WKF world karate federation, we are also very proud members of CIKA wales and the CIKA world (champions international karate association) run by junior lefver world WKF champion at both kata and kumite

On Monday May 4th 2015 we moved into our very own karate DOJO Whitch is our main academy club and training venue this is based in the ely area of cardiff ,

the DOJO address is unit 7 ely distribution center, argyle way, ely, cardiff, CF5 5NJ all our training times at the DOJO can be found in our evening class timetable on this web site.

We then have THE ACADEMY  which has its own base (venue) that runs 6 days a week in the ely area of cardiff  as well as an adisitional training venue in the grangetown area of the city were we aim to attract the best from all after school clubs, evening classes, disability units and very young children to create our academy squad, there are leaflets about this at any of the classes that you attend and to see more about what classes we offer than please look at our class timetable.

Our main club has been successful at tournaments all over the UK and more recently been out to Europe competing in Germany, Austria, ireland and more resently Dubai and also coming away with medals including golds.  We have won many medals in tournaments since the club and academy was formed and again to can view our medal history in the icon on the top of this web site.

The founder of the academy and senior instructor of the club is Rob Green who is a 5th Dan and as been training since the early 1980s. He gained his 1st Dan in 1989 and has also been competing since 1985 and is still currently doing so, winning many tournaments in kata and kumite. From junior to senior and more recently as a veteran, Rob has also been awarded coaching awards from sports Cardiff , Sports Wales and also Disability Sports Wales, the club has also been given a blue ribbon award for being an inclusive club to all abilities, race and gender.

We also offer many courses with great instructors such as Wayne Otto, emma luckraft, junior lecfer, luca valdesi, dave hazzard and many more great well known karate instructors along with many social events and academy camps through out the year as an aid to build good team spirit and also raise the confidence of students by working and having fun in a team based group.

Hope to see you soon at 1 of our many clubs for more information call 07878 788034. All students that join the club will receive a welcome leaflet explaining a little bit more about the club.

We look forward to meeting you.